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Why DNS Hosting Is Chargeable?


We have been asked many times why pointing their domain name to a certain IP address or to Google Apps is chargeable. Many customers assume by having a domain name registered to their name, it would be hosted for free. To the contrary, domain name registration only provides you with the rights to own the domain name. However, to actively have the domain name pointed or redirect to another location such as Google Apps, you would need the server (known as domain name server - DNS) to be up 24/7 to perform the redirection. Maintaining the server and the network translate to cost, thus DNS hosting is a chargeable service. Google do not provide DNS Hosting service.

For Google Apps Customer

In order to use Google Apps, you will need to subscribe to our DNS Hosting service which will be charged at S$3 a month (S$36 a year). This is required because Google does not provide DNS (domain name server) services for domains hosting with them, thus we will need to provide this service in order to provide the necessary DNS records to point your domain to Google. Our DNS servers will need to be available 24/7 to answer your visitors' request to your domain, and direct them to Google.



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