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How to Choose Web Design Company

In order to establish an online presence for yourself, your business, or anything in between, a wise decision would be to set up your very own website first. But simply getting the job done won’t be enough; you always have the bear in mind that people will be visiting your website and as such it is important to make sure that they get the best experience possible in relation to the content that you will present to them.If you are a web designer and developer then you can do the work yourself, providing that you are willing to take all the time you need to perfect your website. However, to make things easier for the non-designers, finding a web design company to assist is a better choice, especially when professionalism is an absolute must. But that doesn’t mean that you should go to the first web design company that you see or let the cheapest web design company do the job for you. Look for these four characteristics to help determine which web design agency that you’ll use.

A Web Design Company with a Portfolio

A website design company won’t be complete without a site of its own that describes its services and displays all their finest works in the form of a portfolio. Take a good look at these sites and be the judge on how creative they are and how well they execute. You should also take their website design into consideration too as it represents the company as a whole. If you don’t like what you see, simply move on to the next.

A Web Design Company that can Handle All Areas

A list of services should be offered on the website design agency’s homepage. Try to analyse their list and see if the company can handle all of your needs. Never let two different web design companies handle different areas unless you know exactly what you are doing. Letting a single company build your site from the ground up often leads to a complete and harmonious product. Cross-check with the sites listed on the portfolio to see if they really are a flexible company to work with.

A Web Design Company that Has a Reputation

There are new website companies forming everyday and not all the companies do a decent job; as a result some people are extremely critical when it comes to their reputation. You should keep that in mind as well; so be sure to do some research and see what other people have to say regarding the web design company that you are checking out. If they worked out well for them, you can be far more confident that they will not let you down either.

A Web Design Company willing to be your Partner

This is just an added bonus if you think you’ll have projects in the future. It is generally more comfortable to find a web design company that sees you as a partner and has its objectives aligned with yours. The end result should lead to a website that surpasses your expectations.

In the end, you might have several choices to pick. Simply pick the one with the better portfolio and reputation and don’t forget to compare their prices too. HostSG provides highly professional search engine optimized web site design from S$1500.00. Contact us for your web design needs.

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Business Web Hosting in Singapore

Singapore Web Hosting

When choosing a business web host there are a few more factors to consider than when just buying a family or personal web space, if your site is to do anything other than purely market your business or if you are setting up an E-Business your hosting plan will need to have some specific features. HostSG Singapore Web Hosting plan provides highest reliability and value for money for all businesses, whether you are a start-up or large enterprises.

Statistics, tell you who is visiting your site, when they are doing it and which pages they are looking at, it will also tell you which page they land on first, all of which help you to market you site more efficiently most even record which browser visitors to your site are using which can be invaluable information for targeting software for example.

Email, is a basic requirement of every web hosting package, but a business site will need more accounts and the ability to manage mailing lists, for communicating with your subscribers an incredibly valuable marketing tool. Another Email utility is that of an auto responder, which sends out acknowledgments to Email enquiry and also, cleverly saves the contact information automatically to your contact database. For highest reliability and redundancy, you can consider HostSG clusterred server technology email hosting services.

SSL, or Secure Socket Layer security is a must have for anyone intending to take payments over the internet; it is a way of encrypting transfers that makes paying on line safer and more attractive for your customers.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website indexed and then ranked by the top search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN, for the uninitiated this can be a very daunting and time consuming process and many good web hosts provide a Free rudimentary SEO service, in any event nearly all will submit your site to all of the top search engines for indexing. An additional incentive being offered although not really SEO is the inclusion of Free Google Ad words or similar coupons which help to get you started with one of the many pay per click ad campaign providers. HostSG is a leading Singapore SEO company that assist businesses to rank well on the search engine through proper and extensive search engine optimization techniques.

As you are no doubt aware it can take months of careful marketing for your website to start to rank in the search engines, this is all time when your site it not making you any money, so you may be loath to shell out for a top of the range business plan for this period. Fear not help is at hand in the form of upgradeable packages or packages that enable you to bolt on extras, these plans enable your site to grow as required, and allow you to had more space, e commerce options and addition domains as necessary.

In summary choose well, and don’t be afraid to pay for what you get, check out our great business web hosting solutions. For Singapore Web Design services, HostSG expert in creating a unique professional web site that scores well in search engine using latest SEO technology that boost your web site ranking attracting more leads and sales conversion.

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Web Design – Internet Marketing Guides

web design, internet marketingAn Internet marketing strategy is not only a good idea, it is vital to business marketing – particularly small business marketing. Having, maintaining, updating, and promoting a website is now a major factor in the success of any business, regardless of size.Creating a website, and then sitting back and waiting for people to find it is not enough. Because of the billions of web pages, you must promote your website every chance you have. This is a critical part of not only your Internet marketing strategy, but also your overall marketing strategy. Customers are very willing to visit websites and learn about new products and services, but they need a little help getting there.

Most online articles, ebooks, webinars, and online courses about promoting a website rely on the web itself. While this is necessary, it isn’t enough, because your business may have many people who are not enthusiastic web surfers, but who would, nonetheless be interested in either shopping online, or learning more about your business there.

These people, the ones who are only lukewarm in their enthusiasm for the Internet, need to be reached in other ways. They may well “convert” to online shopping, or at least comparison shopping online, but they need a little push to try new things online. This is particularly true for very localized businesses, such as farmers’ markets or day care services. There are inexpensive and effective ways for you to reach these people online.

Ways in which you can use offline strategies to market your business and build enthusiasm for your website include: television and print advertising; business cards and business stationery; billboards, fliers, and catalogs; direct mail; telemarketing with website info included in the scripts; and news releases to all forms of local media.

Internet marketing strategy cannot depend solely on the Internet. Your Internet marketing strategy should include every means of promoting your website and building traffic from targeted customers. Television, radio, and classified advertising can be expensive, but if you do invest in these forms of media, make sure that your website is mentioned everywhere, and ask if those media can link to your site from theirs.

Direct mail postcards should feature your website prominently. That way interested people can easily visit your website when they see your web address prominently displayed on the postcard.

While every little bit does help, some advertising media are more cost effective and efficient than others. While your billboard ads should feature the address of your website, a person would most likely have to see the billboard many times before finally deciding to look up the website.

The problem with newspapers, aside from rapidly declining circulation levels, is that newspapers are large, and not neat, and if your ad is buried on an inside page, it may not get much notice. Radio ads must spell out the address of your website, and that is not a very accurate way of promoting it. On the other hand, direct mail postcards are small, convenient, and portable.

Trade journals are another good way to get the name of your website known while at the same time making it easier for interested parties to copy your URL and visit your site. If a trade journal offers to put a link to your website on theirs, this would help even more. Other methods do work and should be at least considered, but in many cases, people will have to see your newspaper or billboard ad multiple times before remembering your address.

Direct mail postcards are small enough to hang onto and perhaps place in a shirt pocket, making it easier to have your website address handy. It is more likely that potential customers will still have a direct mail postcard handy when he or she is on a computer. While many forms of offline advertising can help promote your website, direct mail postcards are an often overlooked advertising medium that is very easy for customers to use to find out about and visit your website.

Whether you are a new start-up or large enterprise corporation, HostSG has the expertise to launch a professional web site that focus on generating sales lead through effective internet marketing and search engine optimization. Contact us to see what we can do for your business today.

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How To Define A Good Web Site Design ?

good web design

  • Background does not interrupt the text
  • Text is big enough to read, but not too big
  • The hierarchy of information is perfectly clear
  • Columns of text are narrower than in a book to make reading easier on the screen


  • Navigation buttons and bars are easy to understand and use
  • Navigation is consistent throughout web site
  • Navigation buttons and bars provide the visitor with a clue as to where they are, what page of the site they are currently on Frames, if used, are not obtrusive
  • A large site has an index or site map


  • Link colors coordinate with page colors
  • Links are underlined so they are instantly clear to the visitor


  • Buttons are not big and dorky
  • Every graphic has an alt label
  • Every graphic link has a matching text link
  • Graphics and backgrounds use browser-safe colors
  • Animated graphics turn off by themselves

General Design

  • Pages download quickly
  • First page and home page fit into 800 x 600 pixel space
  • All of the other pages have the immediate visual impact within 800 x 600 pixels
  • Good use of graphic elements (photos, subheads, pull quotes) to break up large areas of text
  • Every web page in the site looks like it belongs to the same site; there are repetitive elements that carry throughout the pages

HostSG can help your business with a professional looking web design and search engine optimised site that help to increase sales lead and publicity. Find out more about our web design service at .

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50 Most Popular Web Design Resources for 2009

Basics & Principles

9 Essential Design Principles – PSDtuts, known for its Photoshop tutorials, gives us a nice list of basic design principles that can be applied to many different media types, but are often lost in amateur web design.

The Importance of White space - One of the oldest principals of design is white space, and knowing how to use it properly could mean wonders for your design. Popular site A List Apart tackles the subject.

8 Design Tactics to Help You When You’re Stuck -Every designer goes through hard times of “designer’s block”; Matt Inman (also known as “Oatmeal”) gives us 8 tactics to help you get back to work.

10 Great Website Redesigns of 2007 - How better to enhance your design abilities then to learn from the mistakes of those in the past? Webware discusses re-designs that caught their attention in ’07.

The Open Source Web Design Toolbox: 100 Web Design Template Sources, Tools and Resources – If you’re not utilizing the plethora of open source design materials out there, then you’re either really hardcore or just been living in a cave! Take advantage of the work others have done before with these open source tools.

Top 100 Online Generators for Web 2.0 - From mirrored logos to rounded corners, the web 2.0 look has been often imitated, and much can be attributed to posts like this from Ajaxflakes. Jump on the bandwagon today!

19 Things NOT to do When Building a Website - Many of us looking to tweak our design abilities can easily do so with the zillions of articles available online; however, we sometimes forget about learning things we shouldn’t be doing. Josiah Cole teaches us just that.

Ultimate Web Development Cheat Sheet - like the title says, this post at is a comprehensive list of guides to html, xhtml, css, javascript, xml, ajax and more.


Color Theory Visualizer – Color is often overlooked in amateur web design (have you seen some of the older sites on the web!?). Color Jack shares an awesome visual tool to help you pick out the right colors for your project.

10 Tools to Help You Create a Web 2.0 Color Palette - As mentioned before, the Web2.0 trend is a little worn out, but all year long designers were chasing the look to grab the attention of everyone interested in the next big thing.

Rule 3: Contrast, Contrast, Contrast – Much like white space, contrast is a very basic lesson you’ll first learn about in traditional design, but can be overlooked or forgotten about by self-taught web designers.

Graphics & Icons

The Top 50 Logo Design Tutorials - For any designer looking to turn their design project into a legitimate business, or just looking for some serious credibility, then you’ll want a professional looking logo. 50 tutorials should get you on the right path.

300 Free Icons - Many designers spend countless hours designing icons for their projects. Many amateur web artists don’t even know the first thing about icon design. Everaldo Coheldo gives ya 300 for free!

Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles - Deznierfolio assists designers in completing their 2.0 style design with an awesome Photoshop download, with layer styles including headers, bars, buttons, and backgrounds.

Iconfinder – Icon Search Engine - If the 300 icons by Everaldo didn’t suffice, then you can always use Iconfinder for that specific icon. All icons are free under the GNU and Creative Commons licenses.

99 Useful Resources for Graphic Designers – is a great resource for those learning graphic design, and their list of 99 sites to check out is a must-see for anyone looking to sharpen their technical graphic skills.

Free Fading Corner Images – Who can turn down free corner images? Bittbox hooks it up once again by giving designers some trendy fading corners for our web2.0-ified site.

50 Remarkable Favicons - Oh the lonely favicon, forgotten about by the even-more-lonely amateur designer. Check out this list of 50 favicons to give you a jolt of creativity to design your own. Who knew that so much could be put into something so small?


How to Turn Your Photo Into a Movie-Like Effect Using Photoshop – There are many effects you can use to spruce up your images in Photoshop, and adding a dramatic, movie-like flair is just one example. Use this tutorial to add mood adjustments and depth of field effects to your photos.

11 Super Awesome Photoshop Movie Effects - If the method above just doesn’t cut it for you, don’t fret. Photojojo has 11 effects that replicate many successful movie poster effects, such as the simple contrast of films like Scarface and Sin City, or the stylized methods used in A Scanner Darkly and 300.

Free Photoshop Plugins – Like many of the software programs used by designers, Photoshop can be greatly enhanced by the numerous plug-ins that have been created for it, expanding its already extensive capabilities. Use these effects and filters to widen your abilities as well.

Advanced Glow Effects - Lighting is obviously a very important effect that can be used to manipulate your photos; the amount of control that Photoshop gives you is massive. PSDTuts makes the list again with some more advanced “glow” effects.

Beginner’s Guide to Photography for Computer Geek’s Who Want to be Digital Artists - If some of the tutorials above seem a little too advanced for the budding amateur designer, you may need to start with the basics involved with actually taking the pics first, and this tutorial by Bernie does just that.


55 CSS Techniques You Can’t Live Without – Smashing Magazine is a fantastic resource for web design tips and tricks, and they hit the nail on the head with some great CSS tips in this list. It’s really amazing all of the things your site can display using these advanced techniques.

How to Make Sexy Buttons With CSS - Many people in the real world wouldn’t consider anything on the web to be sexy per se, but then, what do they know? Make sure your website eschews sexiness with this sexy button tutorial by Oscar Alexander.

6 Keys to Understanding Modern CSS-Based Design – much like web design in general, CSS has expanded and evolved over the years, and many designers still need to catch up. Snook explores modern navigation and floating techniques to bring you up to speed.

CSS Slicing Guide - Many professional designers begin building their website layouts and themes in graphics programs first before actually creating the code. Sometimes, the process of transferring these ideas over to code can be daunting; use this CSS slicing guide to make such transitions smooth.

71 Free CSS Menus – If you’re not using CSS to enhance your site’s navigational menus, you either have really boring text navigation or are just living in the stone age. No worries, though, as you’re sure to find at least 1 styled menu to use out of the 71 on this list.

Advanced CSS Menu – After digging through the list provided above, you might get bitten by the CSS-driven-menu bug, and might be looking to shovel deeper. Web Designer Wall has the tool you need to find what you’re looking for.

15 CSS Properties You Probably Never Use (but perhaps should) – Leave it to Oatmeal to give us yet another great design tutorial! With so many CSS properties to utilize, it’s easy to forget some that are mentioned on his list of what you SHOULD be using.

70 Expert Ideas For Better CSS Coding – As you further your CSS knowledge, you may find yourself lost in a sea of style code. Keep yourself organized and make life a little less hectic with these 70 ideas for better coding from the CSS experts at Smashing Magazine.

Blueprint CSS – If 70 ideas weren’t enough for you (or too much to handle), then you might want to check out Blueprint CSS. It’s a CSS framework for you to help jump start your style sheets using advanced CSS organization.

Designing on a Dime: 100 Freebie CSS Resources – One of the misconceptions of web design is that, in order to achieve a really good look, you got to have the financial resources (i.e. billable design hours) to churn out good design. This list of free resources proves otherwise.

Fonts & Text

Color and Typography in Good Design - As mentioned before, color can often be underestimated in certain aspects of design, and perhaps the place it is most often overlooked in is when styling text. Use this color and typography tutorial to learn the basics of what and what not to use when picking font colors.

51 Text Effect Tutorials - On the web, everything can have an “effect” placed on it, and fonts can be styled as well to add some extra flair to your pages. Design Vitality looks at 51 text effects to help get you started.

10,000 Free Fonts - SO many designers feel stuck using the same old default fonts available in many of the programs we use everyday. Liberate yourself with over 10,000 free fonts available over at

Top 500 Fonts on the Web – Just in case you’re not so confident in what font you should be using, it’s never wrong to look at what everyone else is doing (heck, that’s what the web is all about!). Take a peak at the top 500 fonts being used right now all over the web.

Web Page Readability - This insightful article covers some of the common mistakes still being made today in regards to text readability on the web, and delivers the secret color combination you may be surprised to hear about.


30 Dark Designs You Should’ve Seen - On most of the web, the default and most commonly used layouts have white as their background; that doesn’t mean a black or dark background can’t be utilized. Check out these 30 dark designs that do the darker shades of the web justice.

83 Beautiful WordPress Themes You (Probably) Haven’t Seen – Over the past few years, WordPress, the open-source blogging and content management software, has exploded. Many themes exist, but these 83 are truly a remarkable showcase of what can be done with the software.

30 Stunning One-Page Websites - Who needs multiple pages? Simplicity is a very significant principle of the web, and it doesn’t get any more simple than a one page design. While not for everyone, let these examples show you that sometimes, less is more.

Web Design-isms: 7 Surefire Styles that Work – Sexy Larissa Meek discusses 7 “isms” to consider using in design. Some include “retroism”, “wordism”, and the “collagist” approach to design. Whichever you use, it’s sure to add an artsy spin to a boring layout.

Elements of Great Design: The Polish - There is just so much detail that can be used and implemented in the design process that it can be really easy to forget “the polish”. Make sure your design is clean and user friendly while still retaining its artistic accomplishments to achieve the ultimate design.


Cool Business Card Designs – Now, there’s more to this game then just dealing with the web; every good designer is going to need a snazzy business card to showcase their contact information. Check out these designs to get some inspiration.

25 Code Snippets for Web Designers - Simple yet very effective code snippets that add some dynamic extras to your web pages. Why build a form or ratings system from scratch when you can just have it for free?

The Web Designers Toolbox - The title of the article pretty much sums it up. The TLBox hooks it up with even more in depth tutorials, tools, widgets, and plugins to fill your design cravings.

35 Designers x 5 Questions – What better way to learn technique then to speak to those who know it best? 35 of some of the brightest minds in web design get put on the spot and share some insightful expert advice.

Secrets of Self Taught Web Developers - A shameless plug, I know, but here is quite an exhaustive list of resources and “secrets” of web designers and developers to help you if you happen to be driving down the self-learning road of the web.

34 Places to Get Design Inspiration - Much of what happens around us in our everyday lives has a huge impact on our design (believe it or not). The next time you’re struggling to find that inspiration, you might just have to look in the right place to find it.

30+ Firefox Add-Ons for Web Designers - Back in the early days, there was little your Internet Explorer browser could do for you when it came to analyzing web pages. Now, the browser is your friend with these must have add-ons to Firefox.

25 Reasons You Might Be A Hard-Core Graphic Designer - Finally, a humorous look at the life of being a hard core designer. If you happen to not meet some of the criteria found on this list, it’s a good bet you didn’t study the resources listed here in this article!

For a professional looking web design with search engine optimised site, HostSG can help your business to improve sales lead and increase web traffic. Learn how we can assist you today.

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